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Rock Singer Silhouette

Haley's Comets rocked the Ritz Ballroom on 11 October 1964

Updated: Apr 18

Legendary American rock 'n' roll band Bill Haley and The Comets squeezed on to the tiny Ritz Ballroom stage on 11 October 1964. They treated the audience to all their greatest hits including Rock Around The Clock

Their performance and that of other musicians who played at the ballroom is the inspiration for this poem by Judy Starr from her collection Cauldron Of Love Copyright 2024

Echoes of Rock 'n' Roll Legends…..

In the heart of Kings Heath, a legend stood,

The Ritz Ballroom, where music was good.

In the swinging sixties, a vibrant scene,

Where stars like Bill Haley and The Comets had been…..

Bill Haley's rock 'n' roll thundered loud,

From Chester to Birmingham, a proud crowd.

The Ritz Ballroom welcomed the band with delight,

In the magic of music, under the neon light…..

The Beatles, The Stones, all graced the stage,

Their melodies echoing through history's page.

But now the bulldozers come, their work unkind,

To erase the memories of a different time…..

The Ritz Ballroom, a place of dreams,

Where music flowed in vibrant streams.

From Cash Converters to ashes and dust,

A fire's cruel fate, a legacy unjust…..

Bob and Ken, with hopes so high,

Seek to restore the Ritz to the sky.

Amidst the rubble, a vision takes flight,

To revive the spirit, to make it right…..

Echoes of rock 'n' roll legends past,

In the shadows of a memory that will last.

The Ritz Ballroom's spirit will forever soar,

In the hearts of those who yearn for more…..


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