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Celebrating the Stars of Kings Heath Walk of Fame

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Greetings to all the vibrant members of our Kings Heath community!

Kings Heath Walk of Fame is intended to be an enduring symbol of our community's rich heritage. It's an honour to shine a spotlight on the incredible individuals who have roots in Kings Heath and have gone on to make remarkable contributions in their respective fields. Today, we take great pride in introducing you to the three luminaries who have so far been inducted into our Walk of Fame - Toyah Willcox, Trevor Burton, and Tommy Godwin.

Toyah Willcox, a household name synonymous with a unique brand of punk energy and vibrant artistry, was born in Kings Heath. Since her debut album "Sheep Farming in Barnet" in 1979, she has never failed to inspire us with her effervescence and her eclectic body of work. An acclaimed singer, songwriter, and actress, Willcox's career spans over four decades with eight Top 40 singles and over 20 albums, affirming her status as a true icon of British entertainment. Whether it's her punk anthems or her compelling roles in dramas like 'Quadrophenia', she remains a testament to the spirited culture of Kings Heath.

Another gem who lives in Kings Heath, Trevor Burton, has been rocking the music scene since the 1960s. A founder member of 'The Move', Burton's impressive guitar riffs became a crucial element of the band's signature sound. Post 'The Move', he ventured into a successful solo career and worked with numerous notable artists. Burton's musical versatility and dedication have left an indelible mark on the British music scene. He embodies the innovative spirit of Kings Heath, and his star on our Walk of Fame honours his immense contributions.

Last but not least, we celebrate Tommy Godwin, a decorated Olympian and a true icon of British cycling. Born in Connecticut, USA, Godwin moved to Kings Heath at a young age and it was here that his passion for cycling truly blossomed. Representing Great Britain, he won two bronze medals at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London. He ran a successfful cycle shop on Silver Street for many years. He has also served as a coach, an advocate for the sport, and even as a cycling commentator for the BBC. A champion in every sense of the word, Godwin's legacy continues to inspire generations of athletes.

Aside from these illustrious personalities, Kings Heath has been home to a plethora of exceptional talents. We are the birthplace of Wimbledon Tennis Champion Ann Jones, Jethro Tull's guitarist Martin Barre, singer songwriter Laura Mvula, classical pianist Edna Isles, architect Jim Roberts who designed the Rotunda and footballers Bob and Dave Latchford, Tommy Green, Frank Bowden, Peter Aldis, Garry Thomson and Kevin Ashley. Lord Of The Rings Author JRR Tolkien and Cluedo inventor Anthony Pratt previously lived in King's Heath and comedians like Joe Lycett and Janice Connolly (aka Mrs Barbara Nice) currently still do.

We are a community that not only nurtures dreams but also celebrates achievements. The stars on our Walk of Fame are a testament to this truth. They remind us of our roots and inspire us to reach for the stars.

Our stars were laid along the pavement in York Road but had to be removed due to the fire that destroyed the old Ritz Ballroom and then the uncertain future of the pavement itself after the partial closure of the road. We hope to be able to announce a new home for the stars fairly soon!

Until our next post, continue to take pride in our shared heritage and celebrate the stories that make Kings Heath a place like no other. Stay tuned for more posts celebrating the famous and the fabulous from our beloved community.

Here's to the Stars of Kings Heath!

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